Jan 3 2018

No he doesn’t, but if he isn’t honestly, what’s the alternative?

Think about the implication if she actually is a Skywalker or a Solo; so Han, Leia, Luke or any combination of those three just abandoned her on a backwater, and left her for dead and then ALL pretended like they had no idea who the fuck she was? That Read more

Dec 19 2017

Wow. I would’ve felt really bad if she’d been sitting next to me after I saw the movie and heard the things I was saying.

Dec 18 2017

When Luke told Rey to stop idolizing the Skywalker legacy.
When Kylo whined about how this was his story

I love it when a movie has the balls to actually say what a lot of us have been thinking since the prequel trilogy. The Jedi were fucking morons and shit isn’t as simple as black and white, dark and light

Dec 6 2017

Are you fucking serious? Congratulations on being the first, but not the last, white woman to miss the entire point.

Sep 3 2017

I want to live in a world where Peggy Whitson is the biggest celebrity in America, which she deserves to be. Read more

Aug 25 2017

In a video filled with unexpected twists and bizarre behavior, the absolute most shocking aspect of the video is that our co-star is drinking a Lagunitas IPA and not a Bud Light Lime-a-Rita.