Kemosabe 2.0
1/29/19 5:09PM

When they give up the simplistic idea that the only way to be anti-owner is to overpay 3-5 players every year instead of stumping for higher salaries for all players, including minor leaguers. Read more

1/29/19 5:00PM

When is Deadspin going to admit that signing high-priced free agents to long contracts North of 200 million doesn’t usually work that well in MLB?

9/18/18 11:40AM

Somebody is going to get absolutely SMASHED in Divison II or III this weekend because of this play. It was cool, but if you’re looking for a way to make punt returns even more dangerous, this is it. 

9/18/18 11:37AM

Isn’t this the right move? We want player safety right? Yeah it was fun to watch but this type of play could inadvertently cause a punt returner to get absolutely wrecked when they are calling for a fair catch because no one wants to look like Arkansas.

9/18/18 11:36AM

Hot take, but they are right to ban this kind of play. With the targeting rules as they are in the NCAA, players are (as they should be) gun-shy about clobbering a dude just standing there defenseless. Hell, it might even be a personal foul even if it’s a live play -- the refs could just say he had given himself up. Read more

9/18/18 11:36AM

The play was a risk for Brewer, leaving him wholly unshielded if anyone on the coverage team sniffed out the ruse and decided to plow into him at full speed. Read more

7/26/16 4:06PM

The triple option is the most exciting offensive strategy in football and passes are boring.