Nov 17 2017

You’ve got it all wrong. He’s from Hawaii. He’s a shredded beach bum surfer dude. Shredded surfer dudes have been never been not sexy since like 1950.

Nov 17 2017

And here I thought he was sexy because he was tall, good looking and ripped.

Nov 13 2017

As someone else in the kink community: lolno. I don’t force my fetishes on randos or coworkers because CONSENT IS IMPORTANT IN BDSM

Nov 13 2017

So you currently work the cash register for Mommy and Daddy, and back when you worked the drive-thru window you assumed that all your colleagues were fucking in the bathroom. Got it. Read more

Nov 13 2017

Expressing sexual interest: “Would you like to go out sometime?”. Jesus. How did we get to this.

Nov 13 2017

Oh no dude, we get it. “Oh, Carol, I’m so SORRY! I had no IDEA I wasn’t allowed to stick my dick in the intern’s mashed potatoes and ask what her lady parts smelled like. I merely meant it as part of a cheeky welcome to the organization! I’ll do my best going forward, apologies but maybe you should revise your Read more

Nov 1 2017

Here’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting very offended by the correct implication that the Trump administration does not understand the Civil War or slavery or basic U.S. history.

Nov 1 2017

This needs to happen everywhere. Whatever pageant the rotten pumpkin owned should have each contestant give out all of his gross quotes. “Hi I’m Miss Florida, and I moved on her like a bitch” 

Oct 30 2017

I think all these things definitely come into play when creating an environment for policing, but there is one particular factor I’ve noticed making a difference: accountability. Are police officers being held accountable? Are other police officers willing to report shitty police officers and get them out of the force Read more

Oct 30 2017

I think it has “Incompetent Godfather” all over it. I maintain that the Trump family & entourage is made up of 100% Freddos.

Oct 29 2017

Ah, my apologies. You are absolutely correct. Let us not slander Nazis, who were indeed soldiers and combatants, rather than a poorly organised rabble of cowards. Read more

Oct 28 2017

“Just giving them attention”...yeah. ADVERSE attention. Which is also spelled OPPOSITION. And DISCOURAGEMENT.

Oct 26 2017

We should merger our baby factory LLCs. The government’s been pretty monopoly-friendly for a while. We could combine assets, become part of the donor class... and FINALLY pick our representatives with the true power of politics: the net assets of our shareholders.