Apr 2

I know this comes right on top of the sex trafficking allegations, but I actually believe this behavior was some pitifully conceived long-game damage control about his supposed “son”. He had to know that sooner or later there would be a lot more questions, especially as the kid got older and older and didn’t move Read more

Mar 11

That shade was the best shade. That shade could cool a whole wedding party on a hot summer day. That shade could kill a lawn. That shade was so deep the light from the sun would take a million years to get there. Read more

Mar 3

I may have my “unsettlingly charming red-state couple who do home renovations on TV” misremembered, but aren’t these also the folks who almost exclusively do renos for people from their church? Like, I’m sure they’re nice enough but that kind of self-dealing never sits right with me.

Mar 3

The most fascinating thing about them is that they’re objectively bad at what they do, but the masses lap it up. Read more

Feb 24

BLM and Antifa were in West Texas making icicles and I saw one of the icicles and the icicle looked at me!

Jan 23

Here’s some comic relief. Utah Mormons are famous for the names they come up with for their kids. An LDS man created this site to create your perfect Utah name. Read more

Jan 15

In addition to this being the epitome of foolish self-incrimination, it is also possibly the worst way to market yourself as a realtor while actively breaking and entering a building. Read more

Jan 8

The reason you don’t see sandwiches made from thigh meat is because fileting a thigh is a fairly tedious process versus a breast. A breast can be fileted, which only takes one fell-swoop to perform, where a thigh might take several. Read more

Dec 16

Hey! I always look forward to seeing Pete. He has a weird unexplainable charisma, and I def have a soft spot for him - but since I’m many, many years older I mostly want to fix him a snack, ask how his therapy is going, and counsel him about his life choices.

Dec 9

If you’re gonna get a portrait of yourself riding a horse, at least show yourself with proper foot position. This offends me both as a rider and an artist. (Don’t get me started on the shitty foreshortening of the rear arm in that goofy snake painting, all other fuckery with that painting aside.)

Dec 2

While Trump chaos reigns supreme here, there are good things happening for others on this planet. The WHO has approved the dapivirine ring, a vaginal insert that protects women from HIV infection and more importantly is undetectable to male partners.
Read more

Nov 17

Now I’m just an ignorant foreigner but it appears to me that the problem lies in that you have to start paying off the student debt almost immediately after graduation, the debt accrues compound interest, and that there’s no chance of debt forgiveness in the case of bankruptcy. Yes? Read more

Oct 17

Im half asleep so I just wanted to say that I think it was a chemical in the color green that was used to dye clothing that poisoned people. Read more

Oct 16

If you are interested in the poisonous adventures of Europe, then I must recommend Eleanor Herman’s The Royal Art of Poison. It is hilarious, catty, informative, and super gross.