Jun 20 2017

Yeah, I know, a single-digit loss in a district R’s won by 20 points last year, blah blah blah. Anybody else depressed as fuck right now? We are stuck with Trump and his evil brethren for the foreseeable future, and if there’s anything worse than Trump, it’s Trump thinking he won something. That’s Trump at maximum Read more

Apr 20 2017

If you own one of these machines, or invested money in it, your right to vote should be taken away because you are fucking idiot.

Apr 14 2017

The guy I used to date was hella cool until he started vaping, then he instantly turned into a douchebro who’d blow clouds at strangers in public and insist he has the right to vape indoors and in any public space. Read more

Apr 2 2017

Like Susan G. Komen. They’re aware of breast cancer. They’re so aware that they make millions off breast cancer’s existence. They’re just not going to actually do anything about it.

Mar 29 2017

Same on all points(wine included) but would it really have made a difference? I personally don’t think so. There just would have been something else to yell about. Sigh. These two months have exhausted me to no end.

Mar 29 2017

Why would anyone want to leave Russia? Russia is a great country! In fact, I have it on very good authority that President Trump is even now arranging a special “exchange” program for people to go there and get immersed. ETA Omorosa & Bannon are working on the list right ow!

Mar 23 2017

Yes!! This is where the difference lies. Concepts like “Diversity” apply only to the inclusion of straight white men. Just like how “freedom of speech” only applies to speech that adheres to the conservative platform.

Mar 22 2017

I’m gonna out myself here and say that I totally 100% expected her to pull herself together and make a huge comeback. This has not happened, and honestly I’m a little disappointed about it.

Mar 21 2017

If you’re using an iPad mini or an iPhone SE, you get “Three Way Bestiality Midget Porn”; larger devices get “Three Way Bestiality Porn” as you would expect. I hope that this clears up this issue for you.

Mar 17 2017

This is a terribly side-sidenote but with the St Patrick’s Day festivities and our Taoiseach’s visit to the White House, as a proud Irish person, the sight of all of those cunts with green ties and shamrocks on their lapels and here the Irish flag behind them evokes such a visceral reaction in me. It literally makes Read more

Mar 17 2017

Signing this bill is a death sentence for Republicans.

They had 8 fucking years to get something together, and they created a 100 page document that looks like some high schooler wrote the night before their book report was due. Now they are standing in front of the class trying to persuade us they really read the Read more

Mar 8 2017

What marketing director decided to name a product after the worst thing that could happen to it? It’s like driving a Chevy Crash or flying on a Boeing Fireball.

What marketing director decided to name a product after the worst thing that could happen to it? It’s like driving a