Jan 8

I think it looks like an elephant standing on a loading dock.

Jan 6

In this day and age, frankly I’m amazed people still recognize the oil can symbol and manual shift pattern for what they are. Read more

Dec 14

Hate to say it, but I kinda saw the writing on the wall here. No third person camera, long list of dropped features, delay after delay and crunch time. Read more

Dec 13

Mystery? Did I not watch Sony do their own teardown before release day?

Dec 6

Charging up Hephaistos’s Hammer, letting an enemy rush you, and hitting them right as they attack is never not going to be incredibly satisfying (and it also absolutely destroys everything, I’ve taken out multiple legendary beasts while being severely underpowered thanks to it alone, don’t sleep on it).

Also, the whole Read more

Nov 20

Perhaps they are concerned about 5G cellular causing COVID-19 and wifi radiation weakening their immune systems.

Nov 20

One of my clients is a car dealer network with 26 Ford and Mazda stores throughout New England and Northern California. If one of the internet reps for any of our stores pulled this stunt, he or she would be fired in an instant. Read more

Nov 2

He mentioned DS4 analog stick drift a bunch of times- has that been an issue for people? This is the first I’m hearing of it, and I haven’t had issues with 4 of my DS4 controllers. Read more

Oct 28

If you are the type of person who thinks a death threat is an appropriate reaction to a delay, you are just a total piece of shit.