May 7

So, the property maintenance crew removed the offending piles and you would think that the end of things. Nope! Less

May 3

Somebody has been pooping in a corner not very well hidden by bushes in front of one of the buildings in my complex.

Apr 28

The vanity plate SMOLPP remains unclaimed. What car in your neighborhood deserves it most?

Mar 3

Sophie seems to be lower energy than usual for the last few days. Today she peed inside my friend’s house while Iwas

Jan 2

Just saw star wars, it had .... moments. But it all felt poorly strung together. I am hoping there is a much longer

Nov 20

I have come up with a concept that needs to be developed... i need to make a device that emits some form of

Aug 24 2019

I did something to my wrist and hand that both agreed we shouldn’t try again. I am trying to see if i can sleep it

May 15 2019
Proposed oppo thing...

The combine harvester demolition derby is 4 weeks away. The event has been a blast to attend in years past.

May 8 2019

Again? Seriously?!? Really? Bring back article previews.

Jan 31 2019

Hopefully I can drink myself into a stupor before I get violent. Details may come as Ihave a lot of unexpected free t

Dec 21 2018

I have been having some weird health stuff going on recently. I didn’t think it had been affecting my work

Dec 12 2018

I am thinking of dropping the volvo in favor of a 2011 Tacoma ex cab 4wd with 5spd. It would put me on a 5 year

Dec 9 2018

After thinking things over, Iam coming to the realization that I am too poor to own and maintain a European luxury ve

Dec 7 2018

Threw a flashing cel followed by loss in power, inability to go above 45, and a rough idle that settles but still

Sep 12 2018
Well this sucks

Worked all last week with a mild cold, rested on the weekend and still felt like a shit sandwich. I go to the doctor