Nov 16 2018

I remember someone I know lamenting how someone who owned a smartphone couldn’t possibly be homeless. Or hell, the people who said refugees couldn’t possibly have their lives at risk because they were wearing Levi’s and had phones... as if those things act as a bomb shelter or provide access to sanitary water and food.

Nov 16 2018

I use food stamps. I don’t have an iPhone...but I don’t have a “fancy” smartphone ..that I bought used off of eBay. You understand it’s basically a necessity to have a smart phone in this day and age? I also have a nice name handbag I received as a Xmas gift five years ago that I have kept in impeccable condition. Read more

Nov 8 2018

This is just a game to these media pundits. Just a fun game that they get to play while they’re at work. Gaslighting idiots into believing the propaganda that they’re selling. Read more

Nov 8 2018

Separating children from their families, putting them in prison, and then causing emotional damage to them that will last a lifetime after months in a controlled environment that they can’t contextualize or explain, with several recorded molestations: Okay. Read more

Nov 6 2018

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer: “maybe if we’re nice to the Republicans and give them what they want for the 100th time, they won’t be selfish pricks steamrolling convention when it comes to what they want the next time!” Read more

Nov 6 2018

You would think that Nancy Pelosi would have learned by now that when it comes to the republicans turning the other cheek will only get you slapped in the other cheek.

Nov 5 2018

As a liberal NPR and Vox are status quo, capitalist/corporate friendly and centrist/slightly-conservative. When someone calls them liberal, I’m just reminded how batshit insane to the right a lot of the population has gone. At this rate Bush Jr. will be considered a liberal within a year or two.

Nov 1 2018

Even Davidson seems to have a grasp on how ridiculous the last, very public year of his life has been, poking fun at his retroactively disastrous engagement in a new promo for the show’s upcoming November 3 installment. Read more

Oct 24 2018

I agree that he’s not unbiased and in a way, he’s just using his “have empathy, don’t rush to judgement” message to protect jerks who really don’t deserve empathy and people who express opinions with which he sympathizes. I’m supposed to have empathy for racists and sexists? No. If you’re not racist or sexist, you Read more

Oct 24 2018

Lol Jon Ronson. It’s funny you mention the Sacco incident. He also decided that it was Adria Richards’ fault for getting harassed by gamer nerds. I’m not sure why anyone even listens to what this dude has to say about online bullying. Apparently he gets to decide who’s worthy of compassion

Oct 23 2018

I also wouldn’t be surprised if people had reported his comments to Facebook and they said it didn’t violate their standards. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve reported racist and extreme misogynist stuff and Facebook’s been like, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Oct 11 2018

i doubt 800,000 + dead iraqi civilians would agree with you on that

Oct 11 2018

How does aiding in the redemption narrative of a war criminal help progressives?