Jun 10

If Jezebel continues with this bullshit for the remainder of the election, then I'm done with this website for good.

Jun 8

I really don't understand how my cousin's daughter, who is half black, loves this show. 

May 30

I'm actually not that concerned about my step grandfather since he's an asshole. My cousin thinks he's such a great person, so if, God forbid, he happens to catch Covid 19 and die then my cousin would probably feel like shit.

May 30

So, my cousin thinks it’s a good idea to have an 8th grade graduation party for her daughter tomorrow at our aunt and uncle’s house. There are several obvious reasons this is an idiotic idea, Read more

May 16

All I have to say today is that anyone who says "cheer up" to someone who's in a bad mood deserves a tongue lashing.

Apr 2

I seriously should because she's now had friends over 3 times this week. I really don't know what to do but I'm fucking pissed off.

Mar 30

Tell that to my stepsister. She had one of her friends at our house last night, a0round my dad who's 61.