Feb 13 2020

So many stars for this. Demolition Man was a joy. It was so self aware that it was one bad cliche after another and it feasted on that. Sandra Bullock was the perfect WTF balance to Stallone and Snipes, who chewed every scene they were in. Not sure I can remember a movie where Stallone really looked like he was having Read more

Aug 22 2019

Well, if anyone has any authority on how well Stan was treated it’s his daughter.

May 2 2019

I like to think that the director and producers went to the artists to tell them that they had to change the design, only for all of them to look at them with eyes of disdain that screamed “we fucking told you!”

Apr 30 2019

One of them embraces uncanny valley in a good way.

The other one involves Sonic teeth.

Sep 27 2018

No, because Iomega did shady shit selling a device that inevitably malfunctioned, they knew about it, kept it quiet, and dicked around people who complained to them about it. Read more

Sep 27 2018

I always thought it took major stupidity or major balls (often the same thing) to name a new product the same as a defect in your older product.

Sep 6 2018

Not the first time NCSoft has cut an MMO studio—having a bad flashback to Paragon Studios, developers of City of Heroes, in 2012. Read more

Jun 4 2018

A good rule to follow is if someone is willing to mock Fred Rogers they are probably a trash human being and not worth much of your time.

Jun 4 2018

I am going to watch this in my living room by myself because I’m one of those kids from the 70s who was basically raised by Mister Rogers and I can’t imagine watching something like this around other people. Read more

Jun 4 2018

I remember that, as a kid, I thought that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was boring. I watched it - it was on in the middle of Sesame Street and Electric Company - but it was slow and not funny and old-fashioned.
Read more

Apr 15 2018

Baseball is background noise for having friends over and hanging out, just like NASCAR is background noise for getting drunk on cheap beer and Golf is background noise for taking a nap.

Feb 17 2014

Can someone explain why living alone is weird? I live completely by myself and I have never considered it "weird". I just don't like having room mates...