WITCH, please!
Nov 25 2019

Seed-Note: If’n you were to ‘bring’ a homemade pie of any-berries, then you must also bring an extra bottle of bro...(something) to help with the rinsing of the bits that will surely get stuck.

Nov 22 2019

Instant Pot - Instant Pot
Oh how I love thee, Instant Pot
Stocks and soups, fit right in the pot
Spuds, both sweet and not, right in the pot
Thanksgiving deviled eggs, plop right in the pot
Also cranberry sauce and gravy, cooks right in the pot
Now what’s not to love about that durn silly Instant Pot
Hey, that’s all I got Read more

Nov 15 2019

For those like me with just no class
One or two ice cubes in a highball glass
Fino Sherry splashed over with a bit-oh-sass
That vermouth and bitters can take a hard pass Read more

Nov 14 2019

Store-bought holiday items can be so sadd
Butt-this lazy cake just makes me gladd
With cookies and cream to be hadd
Claire Lower is simply radd

Nov 11 2019

A Thought (OR Not): Your local restaurant supply spot might have holiday serving utensils readily available at a low-to-nearly-low cost; and while there, you could survey their stock of exotic industrial cookware...

Nov 11 2019

A Question: From your If you use Chrome or Firefox (browser); will a saved Chrome html (browser) file install into a Firefox browser OR versa-vicea?

Nov 9 2019

A Tight Suggestion: Place one or two ice cubes into a highball glass then pour over a measured quantity of that fine pear brandy while tightly securing the lids on both the vermouth and the bitters. Sip slowly and enjoy responsibly.

Nov 8 2019

I like this holiday-nugget of an idea, butt your video(s) don’t always play for me; so can you please detail where I can find all of your (video-ed) recipes.

Nov 7 2019

Thank you for your kind response - it’s very much appreciated. I may try that on a few slices, just to see what happens and how it tastes...

Nov 6 2019

Would it be silly, safe, or downright (fire) dangerous to add a sprinkling of homemade pumpkin pie spice to your most-interesting sugar-then-brûlée suggestion?