Kastle, Queen of . . .
12:03 AM

Try being from Alberta or B.C. ... by the time our votes are counted the election has usually been called. 

2:18 PM

I’ve asked T’Other to treat me as a pet and as a human ... agree to put me down when he deems it appropriate, but in time to donate the shit out of my body and all its parts. Read more

11:07 PM

Hey, HoneySmacks, hi! I’ve been gone for so long but you’re one of the people I’ve so missed. 

9:11 PM

Ok, so I’d get back to them and say “sure, how do I do that?” The joy of this is that it puts the ball in their court to figure it out for you. 

10:36 PM

Is sympathetic schadenfreude even an understandable concept? Because, if so, it’s the closest I can come to describing how I felt watching the US go through this awful Arctic Vortex weather. You were almost all colder than I! It must have been so much worse for you, because I’m both prepared and accustomed to it.  

12:31 AM

I once started to cut a sandwich with a knife used to cut raw chicken, held in my right hand. My brain got terrified and commanded my left hand to grab the knife and then I got to get more than 40 stitches and later have my wound debrided. Damn brains. 

12:36 PM

Given my current wind chill of -36, I am hereby formally requesting permission to throw the man who left the living room window cracked open last night outside in shorts. Read more

9:47 PM

One of the funniest things I ever saw was years back when a forest fire threatened to jump the only highway to my town and everyone panicked omg groceries! I needed green onion for something I was making, but when I got to the store the produce aisle was bare. Except for a perfect pyramid of Brussels sprouts. Even in Read more

11:24 AM

It’s gone up four degrees, so now it’s ‘only -30’ so yay? I need to turn my heat up because it’s too dang cold to shower in here   Read more

11:44 AM

Oh, you fragile easterner, you. It’s-34 here and apparently you all can’t handle -6? Just kidding, I’ve lived there and I know how awful that cold, humid wind feels after coming off the lake. 🥶 At least mine’s a dry cold.

10:48 PM

So then, in the midst of a convo about molasses vs chocolate spills, he said; “Re tomorrow, what technology?” And genuinely did not understand why I couldn’t follow his thought process. Which was him referring to something we’d talked about last week sometime.