Jul 2

then I’d say you’re doing great! the government cant even handle one. 

Jul 1

I like Skyfire77's explanation that it’s the first of the month so everybody has new budget money to go flying with.

Jun 30

The Discord was always fine other than a few battles here and there, as far as I know!

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Jun 29

As someone who has paid good money for gunfighting hardware and software, people like them remind me why I only want me and mine owning guns (the NFA keeps the 2nd Amendment from combating actual tyranny).
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Jun 29

I just replied to your first post. Why are you singling me out with threats? I don’t understand, especially since you haven’t specified any particular rule or rules that I’ve violated. It feels like you’ve taken this personal and you just want to make an example of me.  Are mods now Content Police? Read more

Jun 29

Haha, we had a great year last year and my boss said, “What would you do if I told you you had to burn 20k this week?” I made some car jokes, then I called my favorite vendor and said, “Hey I can pay you a LOT of money to help me do two migrations and roll out cisco umbrella if you can help me right now!”

Jun 28

Why would you ever need two almost identical cars?

Jun 26

I agree, but I refuse to call people who refuse to wear masks “harmless”.