DAWRX - The Herb Strikes Back
11/16/20 2:25PM

While I appreciate the batshit insanity of driving a smart car across a waterfall, posts about busted shitboxes with rusty bolts is not explicitly Car Content. Stick to cars! If you guys don’t start posting neat 150 word canned summaries of manufacturer press releases to boost your SEO numbers (and Great Hill’s Read more

11/16/20 12:15PM

Yo, Oppo is dead now, but I can’t view like we were supposed to be able to.

11/16/20 12:11PM

So I thought we were only going read-only today?

7/27/20 3:22PM

Really not true. changes in geometry that have come with changes in technology have created bikes that can roll over stuff that 30 years ago would have been unrideable.
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7/09/20 9:28PM

I really want to make a joke about Vettel being able to spin this situation to work in his favor, but you know what? Fuck that. Seb’s a really good guy. Pretty much the first to stand in solidarity with Lewis. Exposed the VSC flaw rather than just try and exploit it. He’s a goober and can get hot-headed, but I’ve Read more

6/27/20 10:32AM

Ah yes the F150, for the man who thinks this is a dress shirt.

6/25/20 4:25PM

It’s been wild to watch the contortions the cavalcade of dipshits denying this have been putting themselves through each step of the way. The latest is saying “WELL ACTUALLY NOOSES HAVE 13 LOOPS, SO THIS IS FINE” as if the fucking Cletus making threats like this is capable of counting to 13.

6/24/20 10:15AM

Ummm... the developer transition kit is based on the A12Z, but where did they say that all of their future processors are going to be based on it? Read more

11/21/19 1:00PM

I’m a Houstonian. I drive on those freeways. They *do* have a lot of lanes, and they *are* mostly straight. They are also ALWAYS full of other drivers. Read more

9/22/19 1:48PM

Totally agree. Also, I find the narrative Hogan’s trying to drum-up in this post to be fucking annoying.

9/22/19 1:17PM

I dunno, this whole post just rings of Ferrari bashing because "I hAtE fErRaRi" rather than actual knowledge of what's going on.

9/22/19 11:41AM

I have been sitting on this image since Spa last year. Thank you for allowing me to get it off my desktop