dancing diva
Nov 19 2013

why can't i find the cover i owned?! am i making this up? 80s chick on her bed with a phone? anyone?

Nov 14 2013

and taylor swift was on stage because taylor swift is so sexy...? am i missing something?

Aug 27 2013

um, yes it's definitely clear that it's a branded experience from the start. (flashy camera angles on cars. not super stealthy.) what a fuuucking cool video! wow. music is fine until the end when it becomes super loud/frenetic/AH. but so cool.

Jul 12 2013

we got the whistles too! and some people (ahem, not all of us) got keychains. the whistles don't seem terrible effective, and also i keep calling it a rape whistle by accident.

Jun 27 2013

sounds terrible...so no one else goes down this path, flotus can be easily spotted on insta with her full name - First Lady Michelle Obama #BALLLLLLER

Jun 14 2013

or - this guy is looking to get some attention of his own? click on the link and you'll see that mr. jaxson here is currently promoting his book, aptly titled, "don't you know who i am yet?"

Apr 24 2013

I was going to say the same exact thing! Your responses are thoughtful and sweet. I would have lost my cool at some of these too. Go girl!

Apr 11 2013

Does ANTM have any sort of "alumni" network that helps teach you girls about how to build your portfolio, learn about the business aspect of modeling, provide support for the struggles (ie. rejection) that come with modeling?

Mar 6 2013

he doesn't just make the shot...it's a mother fucking SWIIIISH!

Feb 19 2013

@mollie_show and i have some drinking - i mean...learning - to do!