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When can I expect to hear that they’ve gotten closer to his actual appearance by covering him with feathers? Read more

(ah, I don’t mind) How I feel about this, looking back? One mildly-coherent thought I can give to it now, is that all this.. “modern” cultural interaction (can’t think of a better name; perhaps that point surrounding 2005 where alot of today’s popular mindsets and trends were started or publicly accepted) by these Read more

Time-traveler here. I mean besides that one OK Chinese place I’m not sure why Pierre is a blue square. I mean, I guess if were going by “capital of a landmark’s state” it kinda makes sense, but then why were there instances such as including both Minneapolis and Waconia?

You can read the original post for my reasonings, but here were my picks:

While I certainly didn’t vote for it, a impish feeling of mine would be most-humored if the helicopter sneaked in, like nobody remembered its last attempt.. Read more

I wonder what’ll new things will come to challenge the Rattata, Pidgey, and Weedle trio of most-seen Pokemon... Read more

I’ve heard Chris Thile is adjusting to life over there. Something about “having 12 favorite coffee shops now” or whatnot. Read more

Also, her hair looks like Cheez Whiz.

Huh, if we took game timelines into consideration, Porygon2 might be 17 years old at this point. That’s like, showing up to a computer fight today and sending out Windows 2000, haha. Read more

You ask, I (goofed off and spent 15 minutes to) respond with: Read more

According to the technician from Portland, it isn’t just unsavory sites that are the problem. “Nowadays you can just stumble into the wrong thing by misspelling websites,” he told Gizmodo. So be very careful with the web addresses you enter, and if you’re a bad typist maybe invest in some anti-malware and antivirus Read more

Some classy visuals goin on with this. And dat sax near the end, mm-hmm.

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This is what I’m getting out’ve these at the moment:

One of Floop’s overseas media divisions.

Heh, looks like the Helicopter is trying to sneak itself in after its previous failed attempt. Anyways, here’s my (roughly) organized list, and why I chose what:

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It started when the US govement did what it does

I’ve just witnessed them attempt to prove themselves human, fear death, be tsundere, and constantly lie update their age. This is... slightly expected.