Apr 9

I’m okay with the nerfs, if only because I haven’t hit endgame yet and the one thing I always have hated in all games like this is the “x build is the best, so if you aren’t running x don’t waste my time” mentality that happens. I want to experiment, and try out different things sometimes. Now if expeditions just Read more

Apr 8

Yeah, same here. I’m really enjoying the game so far, but my buddy who was playing with me is very very meh to angry at it. Idk if it’s b/c I’m playing Techno and he’s a Devastator, and my class is more “fun” or if it really is just b/c he would rather be playing MH:Rise instead. I started a Trickster to solo play, Read more

Mar 31

I’m actually surprised that people think this game is more new player friendly then World... I felt like World did it’s best to slowly introduce new things over time, teach you how to capture monsters, put all the things you could pick up on the mini-map, introduce the different stores, and the meowcenaries and the Read more

Mar 9

Nowadays there is always 2 things: subtitles (they need to be on) and MOTION BLUR (needs to be off). I was immediately offended when I couldn’t turn it off in the Outriders demo, and apparently I wasn’t alone b/c they added the option in the demo later on. The next thing they need to kill with fire is bloom effects, a Read more

Mar 5

I think the story is... fine for what it is. You were frozen, the world became Pandora from Borderlands, use your powers to kill the people who are trying to kill you. Maybe they will fill in more of the gaps over time, but that’s the gist. Few storylines in any game of this sort have ever made that much sense. Read more

Feb 22

The way I help myself deal with stuff like this is two-fold. My knee-jerk reaction is always at 1st “are we going to far? Should we vilify people for having different beliefs?” I would hate to work on something and then have people hate it not because of the finished product, but b/c they disagree with my opinion on Read more

Feb 3

Well it took Gearbox 7 years to release BL3 after BL2... So if they want that cool hard Billion I’m thinking that BL4 is going to be a little more... rushed. Or we might get a Borderlands: Gacha Wars phone game. Read more

Jan 26

This game looks incredible, and this has got to be one of the longest gameplay trailers I’ve seen for something in a very long time. (looking at you KOFXV and DragonBallFighterZ) The only complaint I have is the impact on monsters from weapons seems... plithy? The monsters are huge and we aren’t getting the sound Read more

Jan 13

This is my same feelings on the Boondocks. Is it literally anime (something made in Japan)? No. Is it incredibly close and tries to emulate an anime feel? Absolutely. 

Jan 6

They have shown an awful lot of this game over the last few months... I wonder what could possibly be the reason for a near 2 month delay? As a Godfall player, hopefully it’s to take time to get multiplayer working well.  

Dec 25

While I never pass full judgment on a show based on 1 episode, everything feels very loose and cobbled together. Not surprising since there isn’t what would be considered normal source material (not based on a already established manga/property etc.). Comedy anime can be more loose then something like GitS obviously, Read more

Nov 26

It’s weird. I played Xenosaga 1 and 2 (and I still own them!)... and didn’t complete 2 due to a kerfluffle where I didn’t save for several hours and died and couldn’t bring myself to redo all that work. I never realized that those games were considered a failure however, and just figured that at some point all 3 games Read more

Nov 18

Every time I see something related to Mother/Earthbound, I’m again reminded of the continued travesty of not bringing the sequels in any official capacity to the US....I just don’t get it, and I probably never will. I would pay so much money to play them on my Switch. Just make it happen already Nintendo. 

Nov 8

Life in Aggro... brave of you to combine Home Improvement and AOT... I don’t know the cross-pollination between the people that read your comic and also know both references... but I commend your efforts nonetheless.

Oct 22

Great. Awesome. Now can we talk about Getiing those Mother/Earthbound ports? 

Sep 19

Since the pill is “so bad” for women, and health seems to be so focused on men, WHERE IS THE MALE BIRTH CONTROL PILL? Seems like that would solve the problem pretty well, I think. No more screwing around with the female cycle, damaging their bodies and their “unique” ability to give life. Plus, if I’m not making Read more

Sep 15

I heard that this release won’t get ODST firefight though which is a real shame... Me and my cousin played the ever living hell out of that and was worth the price of ODST alone. 

Aug 21

Yeah I was scrolling down to see if someone commented this, since the only game I actually play on Epic is BL3, so I knew it was on Steam. Didn’t know that it was a Epic exclusive at any point. 

Jul 11

Deca-Dence and Great Pretender seem to be my choice for new shows, and I’m going to keep watching Fire Force because I’m invested to see where the story ends up going (and Atsushi Ōkubo’s character designs/world aesthetics are so appealing to me). It does look like Great Pretender is in Netflix jail just like Beastars Read more