Kahn Script
Jan 7

OK, this is the second post I’ve seen on this group of websites that says pretty much nothing, and yet talks about SW.  Did a general order go out to the authors to write something - anything - about the new SW movie?

Jan 7

Um those AREN’T “space horses” they are a species called Orbaks native to the desert planet of Pasaana and we have no idea of their biology. Also the fleet appears to be at a low altitude jump point since they are relying on transponder towers to guide them out of the gravity wells surrounding Exogul.

Aug 3 2019

says the numbnuts posting with a fucking burner account

Aug 1 2019

it would be interesting to see how much time we actually have. i’d like to think we can recapture the spirit of progress that the 1st half of the 20th centruy had but i have my doubts. Read more

Aug 1 2019

The Human Civil War has raged for thousands of years. I don’t think there’s ever been a period of time when at least part of the world wasn’t at war.

Jul 22 2019

At the risk of being tarred and feathered... I actually have a great deal of sympathy for Natalie Portman when it comes to the Thor franchise. Her performance in the first one is pretty good despite having not a busting lot to do. The second film lets her down badly though and with the behind the scenes changes as Read more

Jul 11 2019

Eh, I love the MCU, but I’d disagree that they’ve kept fans on their toes in terms of predicting big story beats. As soon as Thanos’ face appeared in the first Avengers fans of the comics had a pretty solid handle on the broad outline of the story of which he would be a part. When the Winter Soldier became a Read more

Jul 5 2019

That was basically my take as well.

Jun 26 2019

Nailed it. People need to get a life instead of bagging on people who make choices they don’t agree with...

May 31 2019

And I’m saying... Relax.
I’m nowhere near insecure enough to feel personally attacked when the only thing the other person knows about me is a bit of text that I wrote.

May 30 2019

Yeah, I saw this movie today, and it’s ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that Godzilla: King of the Monsters was made by people who have watched a metric fuckton of Godzilla movies. Read more

May 13 2019

What George fails to clarify is that the film that started from the beginning... was also La Llorona!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!

May 8 2019

We are all assuming that the elementals are entirely his fabrication, right?  Maybe he really was flung here from another universe and causing the chaos enough to get Fury involved is his was of accessing the tech he needs to return, and in the end he doesn’t care if he hurts people to get back?  I don’t know, it will Read more

May 8 2019

Marvel: We’re gonna skip the Uncle Ben part of this story. You guys all know that one already. We don’t need to beat it to, err, death. Sorry.
Read more