Jul 1

Controlling content by acting as a gatekeeper does not expose a website to liability as a publisher. As long as the content by third parties that they do publish remains unedited, they are still immunized under the CDA.
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Jun 30

Apple is #1, but the next 5+ brands all use Android, so Google Android has been the market share leader for the last 10 years in the US as well.

Jun 25

Might be coincidence that Bubba got that garage. But that is a straight up fucking noose. All you noose truthers out there can eat shit.

Jun 24

It could be worse, it turns out mine didn’t have any interest in our “stupid marriage” she was a big fan of video games though.

Jun 24

Yeah... That sucks. I’ll probably get Paper Mario first, Ghost is much more likely to go on sale shortly after release.

Jun 24

A fast truck...that’s electric...if only they had something for this.

Jun 22

Where did you get that in the article? The context for “killing” this stuff is in the context of Apple products. Nobody asserted Apple was killing Intel the corporation.

Jun 19

really could be Sony’s attempt to take Microsoft’s crown for “stupidly largest controller and console.”

Jun 18

I don’t know this for certain, but I’m guessing it’s because IMSA charges each manufacturer a $1 million advertising stipend to run in its championship. It’s possible Glick didn’t want to pay this, and is making it a big deal to try to get IMSA to bend.

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Jun 17

Yup, this is absolutely terrible advice. If your system is running fine and you do not know for a fact that you need a change included in a BIOS update, do not update your BIOS. This has been the recommended practice from hardware manufacturers for ages.

Jun 17

This is bad advice, in general. You absolutely should not mess with your BIOS unless the update has some feature or fix that you need. Most updates do not affect most people. Know what your needs are before updating. A BIOS update gone wrong can lead to a bricked system, even with all of the protections afforded by Read more