Given that “men”, “women”, and “chess” are all social constructs requiring learned behavior, how could any of that be hard-wired? Dude proves logic isn’t a required attribute in a grandmaster, anyway.

Yes! My husband thinks I'm hot and I am completely invisible to the rest of the world, which is so freeing.

So Ladies can't wear pants of any kind *except* leggings under dresses? I love that Jesus wouldn't be permitted to attend, based on the gentlemen's dresscode.

Among my peers the ones who haven't stay married are the ones who were full-time stay-at-home moms. I think it's not just about the money a couple has, but about the equality.

The point of the case is that this woman *could* have been easily accommodated. They preferred not to, and just fired her. Read more

So what's the "reasonable limit"? Two kids?

It's a pity they didn't keep Merrill Markoe, then, huh? I stopped watching when she left.