Oct 23

This is a feature that you think is stupid until you use it then you can’t live without it. If your car doesn’t have the keypad hardwired, you can get a wireless keypad optionally. It has a lithium battery that allegedly lasts 10 years. The unit itself it a little more clunky, and matte black, but you don’t need to Read more

Oct 23

I know that taking the keys to the car in the canoe with me is just a recipe for a few moments of panic as they plop overboard out of a poorly-engineered pocket and then a miserable evening as I wish, hard, I had a time machine.”

Oct 13

...All I ask is a tall car and an illuminated spirit hood ornament to steer her by.

Oct 5

As a long-time reader of Jalopnik, well over 10 years, and a loyal fan to a fault, it pains me to say this but the fact of the matter is...Jalopnik is no longer viewed as a media entity worth responding to by Tesla or any other major manufacturer. It surprises me that so many articles here point out that “I’ve reached Read more

Aug 22

Now it comesto Jalopnik . It’s a man’s world we just want to be treated as equal and compete on our own merits. Read more

Aug 7

Fuck Trump and his MAGAssholes. May they find connecting rods poking through their stupid blocks.

Jul 14

This fucking year I swear.  You can't catch your breath without something horrible happening.  He was one of my favorite Mythbusters along with Jamie and Kari.  I'll always fondly remember him beating a polygraph test and having this hilarious but still relatable victory breakdown.  Poor guy, rest in peace.

Jul 7

Seriously the guy is selling shorts as a joke. As far as things to get mad about this has gotta be at the bottom. Who’s he hurting? There are other rich people who do legitimately bad shit out there who deserve to be roasted way more than Musk. Musk is questionable at best, but as far as rich douchebags go, at least Read more

Jul 7

This is the right take. Car companies, and life in general, is too serious. Have you seen the Ford add that goes something like: during COVID we took care of you by building ventilators so now you owe us, buy one of our miserable soul crushing CUVs. Do I agree with everything Musk does? No. Am I really glad that at Read more

Jul 5

Frankly I don’t want one of those original finicky cats. I’d rather have this. More usable, more reliable, and drop dead gorgeous, too. It might be a bit of sacrilege, but I don’t imagine there’s much being done that cannot be undone should a purist choose to buy one from rabble that would actually have this done. 

Jul 2

I feel like this is true for most things. The lack of ability to see the “larger picture” and the attentions span of media/people in the US is astounding small. Examples: significance of Russian interference in elections and global democracy*, China’s tightening/spreading control on Southeast Asian and African Read more