Just My .02 Cents
Sep 23 2016

I bought something with the words “Jaguar” and “not running” in the same sentence. Twice.
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Sep 23 2016

Nope, mass. The “weight” of the displaced fluid (water here) is equal to that of the “weight” of the ship. That’s called Archimedes’ Principle, which is basically buoyancy and it’s why boats float. Read more

Sep 23 2016

No matter how big the boat is, the mass the elevator lifts will always be the same, as the mass of water displaced is equal to the mass of the ship. Thanks Archimedes!

Sep 20 2016

Dude, Did you even VHS???

Sep 20 2016

go back to high school bro

Sep 16 2016

The migrants cut open the sides of the soft-sided trucks and climb inside to get to England. Or use bolt cutters on the doors.This means that everything inside is now tainted and thrown away if it’s food. The trucker receives a $5,000 fine per man if they are not discovered until the reach the UK. The drivers are Read more

Sep 15 2016

The worst 911 is like pizza... or sex. Even when it’s bad, it’s pretty good. If you need a portable cassette player to listen to all of your old Kraftwerk tapes, you could do worse. Read more

Sep 14 2016

Like a post-Doug Doug post...

Sep 9 2016

That is simultaneously one of the funniest and one of the most disturbing adverts ever.

That is simultaneously one of the funniest and one of the most disturbing adverts ever.

Sep 6 2016

Has anyone questioned Hillary yet?

I mean, we can wait a few months until the emails leak, but I feel we should probably find out more ASAP.

Sep 5 2016

Better yet, take his keys away Jesus.

Sep 2 2016

First we get Toyota ads in Spanish, now car crash news from Mexico? Read more

Aug 31 2016

I thought they solved the problem of people watching Top Gear illegally by firing Clarkson and hiring Chris Evans.

Sep 2 2015

That, plus having your fog/aux lights on when you don’t need them. Read more

Sep 2 2015

Don’t forget to make sure your headlights are aimed correctly. Read more