Just when you thought Witcher 3 cosplay couldn’t get any better, along comes a recreation of some of the game’s best

I don’t think the two things are mutually exclusive, as Doom 2016 has shown. Although I’m excited about this remaster, I wouldn’t mind a truly new game that keeps the spirit of the original gameplay without going full retard on the alpha bro humor.
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Mystical Ninja
It is a great game
It’s snowing on Mt. Fuji
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I agree about courage... Doesn’t seem so interesting atm. But maybe once we have more details it looks cooler.
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well .. an important step towards 3D was made with that game so N64 is not entirely a sh***y console

Hmmm, based on this, it seems that Sam lake’s writing is again flawed? Did he at least tone down the goofiness with his writing in Quantum Break?

Rainbow Six Siege just got a big update. 1.2 is not meant to fix all top issues, but it does improve hit registration (again), server tick rate, and matchmaking. Basically, if the game pissed you off with server issues or lopsided matchmaking (hi, that’s me), it might be time to give it another shot.

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Shouldn’t people have a brain and be able to figure out what they should and shouldn’t eat....Its not the worlds problem to keep people with no common sense or self control safe...If a fat shit dies, its natural selection...Its the same as when kids ate marbles or played in the street, the stupid ones died so the Read more

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I use to do something like this in GTA with a bunch of people. We would all get our helicopters and play Wagners' Ride of the Valkyries as we rained hell down on other crews. Think apocalypse now, but GTA;