Justin is driven
Jun 8 2016

Yeah. The horses smell kind of bad, too.

Mar 7 2016

I’m pretty sure this one is still the worst:

Jan 30 2016

....but the picture literally has “pic by Jimmy King” as the watermark. The sentiment still stands, but Iman did not take this picture.

Jan 20 2016

Meanwhile, an FBI chemical weapon specialist and a captured MI-6 spy were fighting for their lives nearby.

Jan 20 2016

Not launching aircraft, but Constellation was the last carrier built at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. It sort of fit under the Brooklyn Bridge:

Oct 13 2015

Thanks for the advice. I’ve shared this with all my RV Caravan and Tour bus buddies. It’s gonna be wicked sick!

Oct 6 2015

“You don’t get to touch my boss.” This man is getting a raise. A $0.35/hr raise.

Sep 13 2015

You’re so right! Stay out of So Cal, and please tell your friends and anynbody you know to do so too. Hopefully it will bring down the price of real estate a tad.

Sep 3 2015

As one of the interviewees (I’m 54, not 67!), I am really pissed about this article- and that fact that you think everyone that was interviewed agreed with it. I spent a good amount of time with the writer giving him numerous counterpoints to his goal. He wrote none of them. I suspect them same scenario happened with Read more

Aug 16 2015

Papa John is a giant douche, so I don’t feel sorry for him.

Jul 31 2015

I am the owner/pilot of the MiG 17. I have to tell you, while we were holding over lake Winnebago waiting to come in on our runs over EAA/OSH, I joined up in formation with that F-100. What a HUGE airplane!!!! It was an honor to look out my canopy and see that shiny thing. (also, when the sun hit it, whew!)

Jul 14 2015

Bringing a noisy generator, and letting it blare in the pits all damn day. Bonus annoying points if you’re using it for tire warmers on street tires for the novice group.

Jul 2 2015

This is very possibly based off a real biological mechanism. During times of stress, humans are more likely to give birth to females because females are the ones capable of reproducing and thus are a better bet for survival of the species and genetic lineage. I imagine something about the stress of life as a Read more