Justin Hughes
Aug 7
It's Been a Hot Minute...

Some of you know me. Some of you don’t. Either way, it’s been a rough, crazy couple of years since I’ve been around

May 30 2017
Our Oppo Rally Story

I don’t normally spam link my work at That Other Web Site, but I’ll make an exception for the story of Team Fluffy

May 8 2017
I Done Gone Done It

Not my Ute in the pic. But mine will look just like this (maybe less dirty) before final paint. I just ordered the

Apr 10 2017
A Jalop Driveway

I just stumbled across this picture in my Facebook memories. That’s a 91 Miata (duh), an 88 CRX Si, an 82 Honda

Feb 15 2017
Bunny Hitchhiker

From a friend of mine: “My brother rescued a live rabbit from an engine compartment yesterday, customer drove 2