Aug 20

Well you see Count Slow car slow, the mirrors stay with the doors while ou....Gently massages your buttocks. Shall we discuss the price?”

Jun 11

NASCAR will still wave the Confederate flag to signal the start of the last lap though, as is tradition.

May 21

We get it. You don’t like trucks. In a little over a month, you have posted three articles implying trucks are terrible. Don’t buy one.

In the midwest (which exists even though it’s not New York or Los Angeles), people drive trucks instead of SUVs and sedans. They can be just as luxurious as either of those, ride Read more

Aug 31 2019

The original F-Zero music has always been my favorite. I’m actually working on recreating each song in my own style and releasing it as an album

Aug 6 2019

Yeah, Robbie’s definitely taking it in stride. His wife’s mockery of someone complaining about athleticism in a romcom is glorious (I readily admit I love some romcom schlock, but also know better than to expect anything realistic, athletically or otherwise). The fact that Colin Cowherd was going to lead his show with Read more

Aug 6 2019

Hey, kudos to both Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci for being good sports about the whole thing.

May 10 2019

Putting the name aside its actually pretty nice looking. That said, I bet it like most GM crossovers will lose their value immediately. I recall last year visiting my parents and deciding to go look at trucks. They had several lightly used Buick Encores, fully loaded, for between 13-17k. I expect the same will happen Read more

May 1 2019

A few years ago at the California State Fair CalTrans brought their 18-wheeler driving simulator for all to try. Even in that artificial environment you realize the massiveness and challenges of driving one. I gained a new appreciation for big rig drivers. Read more

Feb 14 2019

I had a Celica with a Cruise Control switch that was supposed to make freeway driving easier, but when you turned it on it just floored the throttle and made you fear for your life.