Again, I do not talk about anfifa in the same breath as Nazis. I identified them in the context of public discourse, which is what this thread was about. Read more

I never called out the left. I identified a group of extremists who are conflated with the left. Read more

I do not. That’s false equivalency. The hero who punched Richard Spencer in the face appears to have been antifa and I salute him. But the guys who made chaos by provoking our very provoke-able police at BLM and post-election protests were assholes. Read more

There are some asshole “antifa” groups in the NW who make turning peaceful protests violent their hobby— then they get conflated with “the left” by FOX News’ tv cameras, because they’re not just anti-fascist: they’re anti-capitalism, anti-corporation, to a violent, rock-throwing extreme. Apparently they are spreading Read more

My first thought on waking this morning was legitimately “oh good, the power’s still on. Probably not at war yet.” Read more

I donated $10 through ActBlue. Read more

Having had a drink, I now realize he’s a dumb high school attempt at Ubu Roi. Read more

In summer months I like an Arnold Palmer made with iced Earl Grey tea and limeade (Simply Limeade is the best brand I know because it’s not oversweetened.) Put it in a pint glass with a shit ton of ice. Read more

I want The Rock and Cena to run on a cross-party ticket! And I want them to kiss. Read more

It used to be a much bluer state while I was growing up there in the 70s and 80s, when the prime concerns were agriculture and education. But fewer people farm for a living, and young people who go away to college no longer tend to come back to raise families, because the small town economies bulldozed by the Read more

I just want to congratulate the illustrator for the pink tinge in Chaffetz’ eyes. Read more

Since its public knowledge that he could qualify to play for the Nigerian national team, his ancestry is almost definitely known to the sporting public at large. The way I, a casual sports fan, know that American player Christian Pulisic is able to play for Borussia Dortmund because he was able to get an EU passport Read more

I’m glad William has accepted his baldness instead of trying to pass off a royal toupee but FFS SHAVE IT, MAN! Read more

I’ve said this before: boys need to be taught that this is rape. I’m of the firm conviction that many boys would not consider this rape, or even sexual assault, because it doesn’t involve their personal penises making penetration. Part of the toxicity of rape culture is the assumption that rape is about sexual Read more

Hillsborough Disaster on wheels. Read more

That’s exactly the type of coverage I had before my spouse got a good job. I went to a doctor for bad tendinitis in my hand, paying $75 a visit. (Not my GP, because I didn’t have a GP. Who can afford to see a doctor if you’re not sick?) I saw him three times with some minor improvements from take it easy and Read more

“Promoting” a sexual orientation. Read more

REMINDER: This year there will be FOUR special elections for empty seats in the US House Of Representatives– three in April; one in June. The districts are Read more

That spine’s name was Tom Harkin, but he retired. Read more