Ha!! Sorry for the late reply (notifications are evil to me around here) but I just HAD to let you know that my father actually bought it himself — and he might have been the old dude giving them out to people your age?!? Read more

My dad lost a tooth to a Bit O’Honey. (Why yes, I am old!) Read more

Can confirm. I looked at the pic & legit blinked because not only does my therapist have them, so do I — for precisely that reason! Read more

Hi again! 1) I’m sorry for the delayed response but I’m still not receiving notifications, ugh. And 2) I shared that with my young adult daughter, who is basically an evangelist re proper sex ed + easy access to contraception/abortion *actually* = fewer women needing abortions. Read more

Omg, I absolutely love you for this. Will use in the future!! (And attribute to “Elf”, of course!) Read more

Omg, thank you for sharing that. I just finished watching & am legit teary. Read more

I'm not sure whether I love you or hate you for that time-travel to my middle/high school years!! Read more

Okay, now I’m dead. My obituary will read that I passed un-peacefully while awake from reading the idea of a thousand cervical papercuts. Read more

Okay, I just wrote a long thing & then deleted it. Read more

I really understand your frustration. Read more

I hadn’t seen this show (no cable so no TNT) but based on this review, I’ll have to find a way/place to watch it. Read more

My kid works at our local Target & trust me, I’ve spent WAY too much $$ since she started. I walk in to pick her up from a shift and...well, you know! Read more

This not only needs more stars, it needs its own separate article. Read more

Please please please let this happen!! Read more

I’m reminded of the admittedly overused but still valuable idea that one should “Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by reading.” Read more

Thank you for the info! Also, at least now I can see notifications & successfully click through...but only if I go to the tab. Still no #’s or prompts at the top of my screen. Ugh. Read more

As a perma-gray here, I’m answering as a test. I’ve been reading for close to 10 years (before stars) and commenting for 5-ish. Hoping you can see my response at least? (Notifications are also messed up for me) Read more

Your second paragraph is everything. Read more