This was a great adaptation. The studios will return to find the audience found something else to do besides streaming and TV. They’re cutting their own throats. Read more

Based on your comment, it did not seem obvious to you. Read more

A writer/director friend I know suspects the writer’s will get very screwed. Read more

Hence my timeline of 1935-1938 and not 1935-1957. Read more

Indy says he doesn’t believe in a lot of superstitious, hocus pocus. He never says he hasn’t seen anything weird. Lucas wanted him to go from a total atheist in Raiders to a skeptical agnostic at best.

As to why Temple of Doom comes before Raiders, it’s becuase Indy isn’t the same character in ToD. he’s greedier, more Read more

Cheers didn’t first air a three-part finale. It was one epsiode. Read more

Any sci-fi movie made in the 80s wherein there wasn’t a nuclear was was very hopeful. Read more

Shaw is in any spinoff per Terry and Todd. They already know how. Read more

Geordi’s wedding which he retro-themed in honor of Data’s fondness for crooning. Read more

Yes. Plus why lose them as an enemy after you did that to the Borg? They have to let the Borg cool off for a while before bringing them back, probably. Read more

Satine was shunned from the industry last year after multiple abuse allegations came out. She and her husband seem to have also tried to start a cult in addition to abusing employees, convention staff, and anyone they thought they could get away with. Read more

Maybe rethink the pic you used. Read more

It makes sense Q would have interest in his only’s friend’s only son. Q probably figures he helped raise Picard, so why not his son? Read more

Q isn’t necessarily alive. He visits Jack while alive, but that doesn’t mean death isn’t in his future. He mentions thinking linearly. Vonnegut’s Trafalmadorians live this way. Read more

The picture was probably stored digitally and printed out. I bet the future has that kind of technology. Read more

There was also a scene where Data meets his daughter, but it was cut for budget reasons. Read more

They scene with Tuvok giving the promotion was originally Janeway, but they had budget constraints. Read more

There are still likely rogue changelings since the showed at least one being captured near the end. I assume some got away. Read more

Picard ghosted her which is weird, since I thought Beverly was the one into ghosts. Read more