Sep 5 2017

Renault Engine is still the least of the pack, without Honda... almost sound like they should stick with Honda at this point.

Sep 5 2017

Honda lost 2 years trying to make an engine that fits Mclaren’s “zero size” packaging philosophy. It never worked. This year Honda went for a more traditional packaging and the car is not the joke it used to be, as it can run mid-pack. Read more

Sep 5 2017

No, this is more petty. Last I checked Subway does not sell donuts, they focus on sandwiches for the most part. Read more

Sep 5 2017

Lots of people shit on Earnhardt back in the day. People generally don’t speak ill of the dead.

Aug 31 2017

I enjoyed the Honda jokes at first, but at this point, they’re just played out and stale.

Aug 28 2017

Never, EVER, estimate the stupidity, gullibility, or general idiocy of religious people.

Aug 21 2017

There have been so many articles in the past 7 months (past year, really) that have been hard to figure out if they’re satire or real... I mean, really Trump? Of course you did, right? It’s exactly what you’d do. Read more

Aug 10 2017

Can’t help but notice that the NASCAR version has windows big enough to se out of...

Jul 15 2017

Well if he got Hep C from feces he would be the first person in human history so what if he got rabies or HIV or any number of other potentially fatal viruses also not transmitted by feces? Calm down, it’s gross but unless he had a raging case of Ebola induced diarrhea cleaning up some poop already in a bag is not a Read more

Jun 22 2017

BMW as a graduation gift? I’m assuming she entered a 1-way construction zone illegally and the truck driving towards her was the pilot car. Read more

Jun 14 2017

I hope Porsche quits. With no Porsche LMP1 fails. If LMP1 fails WEC has to rethink things. Then maybe we get a return of a class that runs Hypercars like the P1, LaFerrari, 918, Konigsegg, Pagani, etc.

Jun 11 2017

Barron looks tall for his age. I hope Melania is miserable and they place poor Barron in a boarding school. The less he has to do with his family, the better.

Jun 11 2017

Does Barron’s t-shirt indicate he has been offered a position as advisor?

May 28 2017

Remember when Donald was going to make us respected by the whole world? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!