Mar 11 2016

I hate that crap. When traveling I usually stay at 77 in a 70, and I get people on my butt all the time. I’ll move the right eventually, but I’m not going to do it till it’s convenient. I shouldn’t have to get behind a car going slower than me so you can go even faster than I already am.

Jan 27 2016

Hello unfrozen caveman commenter! It is 2016 at present. Enjoy getting up to speed!

Jan 14 2016

Pretty sure he means Cam’s dad doesn’t seem like a good dude. Not that Cam is a bad dad. Cam’s dad shopped him around for money and seemed a bit opportunistic and looking to exploit his son for his gain.
Phrasing, people!

Jan 14 2016

Ya fuck that dad for getting a small fraction of what his son was bringing into the school/NCAA. How dare the Newtons profit, only coaches and presidents and execs should make any money.

Jan 7 2016

Ok guess I was wrong.Meeting random people from the internet who wants to buy you lingerie is totally okay and not weird at all. Read more

Jul 29 2015

I still don’t understand why the details are so light on the XE, XE-S and the XE R-Sport when they are all for sale in Europe now.