May 28

Could make it a lot easier to type if you just put “It’s been a Nissan week for Nissan” 

May 28

Been like that for 10 years but the response was always, “but we have volume of sub prime buyers and rental car companies!” They don’t even have that now, just a bunch of unsold garbage products.

May 26

It is extremely exciting when an automaker CEO is ousted, kind of like when the head coach of an NFL franchise is fired.” 
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May 12

I wonder if the lack of new vehicle inventory due to factory shutdowns will have a follow-on effect on used cars, raising used car prices?

Apr 24

I pick up a new car tomorrow. Some areas don’t have the massive outbreaks because we don’t live on top of each other like some cities. When it only affects .001% of a population for a given area, maybe it’s worth going out and getting 25% off and 0% financing on a new Audi.

Mar 9

I worked a job in AZ where we had these in V6 and V8 versions. The things were loaded with almost 5000lbs of tools and materials. And some of the areas e drove to had very steep uphill climbs. On those runs the V6 would struggle, and overheat if the AC was on while going uphill. Making for a comfortable ride in Read more

Feb 11

Lol what percentage of non-fleet buyers choose a regular cab truck? What percentage of Wranglers sold are 2 door? Hint: both are very low. No one wants regular cab trucks and 2 door vehicles, that’s why they are disappearing. Offering a 2 door Gladiator would be a giant waste that would appeal only to broke ass Read more

Nov 12 2019

1st gear. This is what happens when you rest on your laurels. If you make products just good enough, then why would someone buy them? I would buy a comparable Korean car 100 times over anything Nissan is selling right now.

Aug 12 2019

I get the arguments against drive-thrus, but making parents unstrap their kiddos and wrangle them across a busy parking lot is not the answer.

Aug 12 2019

We don’t. Although someone will figure out exactly how much electricity you’re wasting by letting the car sit for 3 minutes and calculate that back into emissions to create that energy. IT NEVER ENDS.