8/17/19 2:35PM

I would like this better if it was more or less the opposite, and more “opt-in”. If it allowed you to add specific folders to be “protected”, which you might well do with your Pictures and Music folders, and maybe selected folders in Documents, but not forcing, and giving no way to change, the default that protects Read more

8/16/19 6:04PM

I don’t think this is in fact a good idea for most folks. Until Windows has improved the functionality, to the point where it is seamless and easy to use, this is going to give a lot of people serious headaches.
Read more

4/28/18 10:24AM

I no longer see any way to get to “Contacts” from within the page. You used to be able to pull down the icon on the top left to get to it quickly, and now you seem to have to use the Google Apps icon at the far right, scroll through all the apps available, and find “Contacts” to load it, and it is in a separate tab.
Read more

3/17/17 9:35AM

I was pretty clear that I was talking about a “hot link”, where the actual image is displayed with forum [img] codes.

3/16/17 4:01PM

In my view it was the only thing that made DropBox any better than Google Drive or OneDrive or any of the other free alternatives. Some may have abused it, but it was nice to be able to create a hot-link to an image in my DropBox for posting on a forum.

7/28/16 6:44PM

This is a really nice suite of skins for Rainmeter, and the author has done a great job with the design. Read more

6/23/16 10:02AM

Alan, my only comment would be that you guys might want to consider an update to the “Getting Started” guide for Rainmeter you reference. It is getting pretty long in the tooth as it is five years or so old, and is so far behind where things are with Rainmeter now that it risks doing a bit of a disservice for someone Read more

6/13/16 4:29PM

Setting timers is certainly a big use, but I also use Google Now with “navigate to ...” to hands-free the GPS and searches like “What time is the Washington Nationals game?”. It’s particularly good for searches if you aren’t big on using that tiny little keyboard. I never use it for texting or email, as it just gets Read more

12/30/15 12:39PM

I wanted to thank you for all the Featured Desktop posts and your support for Rainmeter over the years. Rainmeter owes a dept of gratitude to this site for letting people know it is OK to have a nerdy desktop. ;-) Read more

12/01/15 4:33PM

Wow, that’s actually really good Whitson. I follow How-To-Geek at least as closely, and maybe more so, than LifeHacker. I think you are a natural for over there, where your technical expertise and writing skills aren’t lost in things like Read more

8/22/12 8:52AM

Certainly. Why would I want to pull out a cell phone when I simply want to check the time?

7/03/12 12:29PM

I think this should work out fine once we all get used to it. I will miss my beloved "star" though... ;-)