Feb 18

This is what I call the classic “Asheville Situation” in terms of need. You’re sorta outdoorsy, working on a budget, and want something comfortable for the days you need to road trip to Charlotte.

Jul 22

He hired a stuntman to deliberately crash that car. He is known to have done a few fakes in the past, like pretending to have connected his aventador to some xbox controllers to play forza.
He’s wearing a red short for the whole thing, but the inside shot when the car crash, whoever is driving wears a black Read more

Jun 23

Actually this reminds me of talking to a co-worker as we were leaving work together the other day and we passed by a buddies Subaru Forester that I mentioned as being Japanese. My co-worker floored me when he questioned my knowledge of the make cuz he thought it might have been “Australian”,.... mind was subsequently Read more

Jun 19

Actually, it works really, really well. The top two knobs work exactly like old radio knobs. The bottom knobs are for the HVAC. Easy to see/grab blindly. The number pad that looks like a phone are 10 radio presets. Then you’ve got seat heaters and the other HVAC controls below. There may be some Nav controls in there Read more

Jun 8

This is a car that has no market value, so if it’s in good shape with good tires, it will command the minimum price for a working vehicle that is still in good shape : $1,500 Read more

May 28

I don’t like to be too high off the ground because it makes me feel too far from the road Read more

May 8

It completely blows my mind that people think car dealers should sell cars to them for less than what the dealer paid/pays.

Apr 25

Tool of choice: Sawzall. I wonder if it would have been harder just to transplant the drivetrain and leave the rest stock? This is a fun idea but the wheels are awful and the arches are just amateurish. And, maybe I'm being an elitist here but what the hell, about what I would expect from a company that purposely Read more

Apr 10 2020

Now is a great time for a long drive from point A to point A.