Jan 15

First of all, we’re talking about mine here. And in mine, you eat, you smoke, and you fuck... Maybe, idk if there is room for that in those dumb cars really :D

Jan 15

I wish more of us would focus on the journey vs the destination.

Jan 15

Your statement is quite true, but there are a few of us who still drive for enjoyment, and that’s why we’d happily pick up a used Ferrari with the gated manual. Or any other “purist” vehicle.

Jan 15

Serious question: why haven’t more cars featured this, if it is so desirable? Would a Miata be better still with a gated shifter?

Jan 15

If only this was the 456 Venice instead. Nothing can top a 90's Ferrari wagon. Yes there were only 7 made so it would have a couple zeros tacked on to this price but it’s just a thing of long roof beauty...

Jan 15

Old shifters were so freaking cool.
The weirdest part being, I really don’t understand how 99% of them nowadays are covered in plastic and useless leather when the bare minimum metal ones looked 10x better...
Is it because crumbs get in there and it’s dangerous ? I really don’t understand...

Sep 3 2018

FCA should sponsor that renegade. Your posts with it have done more to convince me it’s a Jeep than any amount of trail rated badges.

Mar 29 2018

Is it legal to drive it around during the day like that? Because I’d love to see it turn and have the eyes roll to one side.

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Mar 21 2018

how about these??
aftermarket smiley bumpers

Mar 21 2018

Torch, how would you feel if they put angry brows on the windshield, rather than the headlights?