JRapp: now as good as new again
Sep 17 2016
Something nice

So I dropped off my MDX today for some minor service, and while waiting for my wife to pick me up, I walked around

Sep 9 2016
This is only a test

Testing on my own blog to see if and how I can post images in comments. Something is broken....

Aug 15 2016
Learned something today

So I kind of always thought that “NA Miata” meant “Naturally Aspirated”, but kept seeing NB or NC Miata in posts, so

Aug 15 2016
Finally stickered.

So i finally got around to applying the Oppo sticker. Was gonna wait for the bubbles to work themselves out to get a

Aug 11 2016
YouTube Favorites

So I was looking through my old YouTube favorites, and found this drift video of an old Polish van.

Aug 10 2016

Not to jump on the oppocalypse bandwagon, but one of the options that’s been thrown out as a potential solution is