2:59 PM

The androids are actually different than 17 & 18. The main one you focus on is Mascula, who becomes best buddies with Luca, who is a huge pacifist. He wants both sides to stop fighting, heals anyone who is injured, and steals people’s weapons so they won’t fight. He joins the heroes in order to stop his sister, who’s Read more

12:29 PM

Good luck in your dedication to Melody! I am just getting my last few dojos to 31 here. Then the next 4 levels for all of them, but those only add a measly 1% to each stat, so it’s not a huge priority.
Read more

6:38 PM

I remember playing at launch, and playing it constantly. After awhile I realized that I would have to be fairly dedicated to the game in order to accomplish anything and I had(have) a huge backlog of games to play, work to...work at, a wife to be a husband to, etc. Read more

10:09 PM

I was thinking of writing something like this. You did a great job.

3:09 PM

There are a couple of games like this I can think off the top of my head. I have a friend who hates how different the characters look in quality in Fire Emblem: Awakening because they have essentially four different versions of the same characters. They have the cutscenes, the dialogue, the map sprites and the battle Read more

9:28 PM

I loved Guillermo del Toro’s reboot of SPLASH. Makes me wish the original were R rated too. Lots of brilliant stuff. The gender swap in the main characters that eliminated the issue of sexual mechanics. The tie in with The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Octavia Spencer in the John Candy role. Makes me wonder if there Read more

5:07 PM

I would definitely class it as “bittersweet”. And very accurate. I moved away in my late teens, and it really captured that feeling of going “home” again.

6:22 PM

Something I love about the SNES Classic is that, even though 21 games is fewer than I would like, I do think they picked the best of the SNES library for the most part. Personally, the only game in the lineup that I wish was replaced with something better is Kirby’s Dream Course. Read more

10:36 AM

I’ll pick up one later today :) But I already played it on Virtual Console. I don’t know what was the issue was back then. Probably too expensive translations for several European languages. We got Secret of Mana but no Final Fantasy. Not until 7. The only redeeming thing was that we got Terranigma that skipped US.

8:47 AM

Chrono Trigger didn’t release on SNES or PSX in Europe. DS and mobile are the only ports available. So it couln’t sell here in first place. Mario RPG also skipped Europe but this is included.

3:33 AM

What the hell are you talking about? Nintendo uses most of those properties on a regular basis. Kirby had a new game on 3DS last year, another one in 2014, and one on Wii U in 2015. He had at least a couple games on Wii, and probably even more on DS. Kirby gets new games all the time. You’re just not paying attention. Read more

1:17 PM

Bioware should be commended for making a post release effort and generally giving a shit about making their product better. If blame is to be passed around, aim your sights on EA who I guarantee wanted this game out ASAP regardless of the state its in.

12:54 PM

If you can’t enjoy a game because someone other than you can’t stream it....thats sad really. Just enjoy the game! Streaming this game or not changes literally nothing about the game. This is fake outrage the internet has made popular.

1:46 PM

I would like to remind everyone that this is not censorship and that Playtonic as a private business has the right to express itself as they see fit. If they do not wish to include voice work by a controversial figure in their video game that is well within their right. Jon’s free speech was not violated in any way

10:47 AM

A Zelda game is never late. Nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to.