May 29 2016

I find the gated manual a beautiful thing, however never driven one. How is it? Looks fun but maybe I would missing shifts all over.

May 9 2016

Or at least something remotely close to that. GM is probably too afraid of a “nice” Buick interfering with Cadillac. But they’ve dumbed down Buick so much why even try?

Dec 27 2015

Hey, thanks—I really appreciate it! I was actually curious as to how this topic would go over for the first edition. Thank you for reading, too!

Dec 11 2015

I understand that logic, but different cars are about different things. My ‘92 Miata (nor the ND really) isn’t winning any straight line acceleration contests, but they were never meant to. If someone in a V6 Camry try’s to follow me on some backroads they will under-steer off the road and into a tree. So in theory my Read more

Nov 17 2015

Who the hell at GM decided that using the reverse lights as approach lamps was a good idea?

Oct 16 2015

Because you will be able to hear everyone laughing at you.

Jul 28 2015

putting money down on a lease is always a waste of cash, imo. put money down on a purchase. not a lease.

Jul 1 2015

God damn it. First HammerheadFistPunch has got me scanning CL for Land Cruiser 80’s, and now I’m searching for RX-8s. Read more

May 13 2015

Hey - stop your whining. Do you have any idea how many awesome cars from the 30s/50s/60s have been completely ruined by stupid street rodder types that ditched all the original trim and interior bits and replaced them with ridiculous looking Boyd Coddington crap? I’d argue that the ‘rods of the 70s/80s/90s were just Read more

Jan 7 2015

So will Nike's new shoes include fully functional powerlaces? They'd like them to! The biggest hurdle for powerlace technology is the power. Strapping a huge battery sufficient to make a pair of shoes self-lacing is both a design challenge and likely cost prohibitive. Read more