Dec 3 2018

You mean the head gasket issue that affected about 10% of the RS's sold? Judging by your profile picture I'm sure the Z06 overheating issues and Z/28 sticker markup wasn't a big deal for you

Nov 18 2018

The fastest car on the track won. It seemed unlikely based on the number of enemies he made in the last few races, but I’m glad they all raced clean today. Good job Joey.

Sep 26 2018

“told them it was in the back of the car and she wasn’t smoking at the time...” Read more

Sep 26 2018

I’m gonna go ahead an call BS that she wasn’t smoking.  That was probably lawyer speak of some sort.  

Sep 25 2018

OK, funny because I made that comment to a buddy about his new Tesla and the panels gaps. Read more

Aug 28 2018

I honestly can’t understand why fucking everybody keeps getting this wrong. Canada and the US were on the same page for this round so the US went at Mexico alone. Read more

Aug 27 2018

I was pretty excited about DriveTribe when it launched. I created a profile, looked for people to interact with, and got confused by the whole thing. Read more

Aug 22 2018

Maybe because no other OE truck comes close to the F150 Raptor for high speed off-road performance. The ZR2 and TrailBoss are gimmicky poser packages like the Ram Rebel and simply don’t have the travel to compete with the Raptor. I haven’t been able to find actual travels for the Ranger Raptor but I suspect it is the Read more

Aug 22 2018

Whiny, entitled douche much? “Waaaah one car I like isn’t in. Game sucks. Not worth $60" Read more

Aug 22 2018

What advantage does this offer over a standard retractable bed cover, like a Retrax? I’m just not seeing where the ability to lift it as one piece comes in handy if it can already retract. 

Jan 23 2018

I find myself contemplating why other people don’t recognize things that I find obvious or logical way more than I should, and it really bothers me.

Aug 30 2017

I’m honestly more annoyed by the white sneaker and jorts in that lede photo.

Jul 15 2017

Q) Who’s paying $5K more than over MSRP for a Civic Si? Read more

Jul 5 2017

Useful tip #1: hand the keys over to your husband

May 17 2017

Ford actually seems to be taking a pro-active approach to the current market correction. They’re reigning in their costs, and reducing production, to maintain steady dealer inventories. GM and FCA already seem to be over-producing and piling on excessive incentives to compensate. We know how that ended last time...

Apr 14 2017

Don’t get me wrong, it’s really damn cool. But that price is too damn high.