Apr 12 2019

This is very common in the auto industry... particular with turbocharged cars. In the Saab I had, I could have it chipped and go from 185HP to 240HP... and that would only be programming.
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Feb 8 2019

Another great way to increase usable rear load space, the Hennessy 6x6 conversion:

Jan 31 2019

How long till someone recommends this in a “What Car Should I Buy?” article?

Nov 29 2018

When you go to grab that hoagie from the cooler after fishing all afternoon... so damp.

Jul 6 2018

I thought something similar to that but the terrible MPG a normal Smart gets with the added weight and wheels of this hot mess plus the challenge of driving something so under-powered through any streets in standard traffic not to mention hills would be a nightmare.  Toss in the added time it takes to get from A to B Read more