Jul 11 2018

NFPA 1710 has a section that addresses response time and, specifically, turnout time (the time from station-acknowledged notification of the emergency until the time the response apparatus leaves the station). The standard calls for a turnout time of 60 seconds or less 90 percent of the time or better. Read more

May 28 2018

I’m sorry, but when Kotaku starts promoting the evils that are randomizers, I have to share this Public Service Announcement. Read more

May 4 2018

I’m sure this is all very special to a group of people but this all looks like a bunch of junk to me. I’d be happy to have it cleaned out of my house too. I’m sure this guy has spent (wasted) a fortune over the years on it.

Jan 10 2016

You can always tell comments from college sports fans that didn't go to college