Josh Lewis
Jul 29 2016

So Wikileaks was cool when they’re taking down Bush and the Republicans, but when they do the same to Clinton and the Democrats they’ve hit rock bottom?

Jul 28 2016

Maybe Facebook beat analysts expectations because he was collecting money from the DNC? Read more

Jul 1 2016

Cruise was brilliant in Collateral as the villain. I’d check it out if you can.

Jun 22 2016

Well there’s little chance Vader will pursue them to that beach on the cover. He hates sand. It’s coarse and rough and just gets everywhere.

May 24 2016

Based on activists like Leonardo dicaprio, I guess we should own several mansions and many expensive cars each, and fly in private jets at every opportunity. Oh, yeah. And make speeches about stopping fossil fuel use.

May 18 2016

You dealing with a bunch of people who were taught a song in kindergarten and they took it to heart: “I Am Special".

May 18 2016

Here’s my message to Bernie supporters, the precious snowflake Millennials:

May 3 2016

If there’s one thing I’ll miss about the primary season coming to an end, it’s all those oh-so-useful stories that were summarized with “Hashtag surfaces...”.

May 1 2016

It is kind of classic for ‘hacks’: actually creating more work and mess than the very act that it is trying to replace.

Apr 27 2016

I will say this again. Is what the NSA is/was doing wrong, yes. Is what Snowden did wrong, yes. Read more

May 18 2015

A basic human right? Wow. You guys can take something as simple as bottle water and turn it into some bull-shit bleeding-heart liberal human rights cause. Giz has gone so far downhill recently it's appalling.