Rico's Roughnecks
Oct 7 2014

How the hell will they do that, you ask? Turbos. Lots of turbos. Well, three turbos, which I think is a lot.

Sep 29 2014

Here, here! Fantastic point. People are just now coming around to knowing what the models are and knowing they are a legitimate import contender. To change now would be to start all over again.

Sep 18 2014

GM isn't fully of dummies. There are smart people at nearly every level of the company. Some are even gifted. The problems with GM have always stemmed from someone smart at one level of the organization being stymied by someone less confident or less able at another level. It's the theory of many former employees and Read more

Sep 15 2014

As a local member of the industry, I can't believe he was allowed to remain working at a dealership. I'm told he's an 'amazing car guy', but in my opinion he's done nothing but make us look like fools for years. Read more

Sep 12 2014

Doesn't really matter. If you lease, and it's worth more than the residual at the end, then buy it and resell for the difference in profit. If it is worth less than the residual, then just let it go. The only way you wouldn't be able to do that is if, say, you needed a lease term more than 100k. In that case, however, Read more

Sep 12 2014

I'd argue against the 'drive it a lot' argument against leasing. A high mileage lease may still save you money vs. the depreciation on a high-mile vehicle.

Sep 8 2014

Don't forget about the bizarre love story that got weaved in somehow, between the shaggy guy and the girl from the 1930's who, technically, would be old enough to be his grandmother.

Aug 12 2014

I find it entertaining that most of these stories are about getting things for free.

Aug 8 2014

As an attendee of this fall's Digital Dealer conference, might I suggest Alec Baldwin as 'Blake' from Glengarry, Glen Ross?