Oct 20 2017

Or you know, started it fine but it was a little cold this morning and it was feeling moody.

Oct 16 2017

I know, right?! The greatest innovation ever, better than the car itself!

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Oct 6 2017

Am I the only one who hates when wipers don’t meet at the top of the windshield and that giant V appears? No.. just me? Guess I’ll get a 2000 XJR.

Aug 26 2017

Ya, the lima and duratec are way different, just looked it up. the lima is ancient by comparison. nothing is shared except the rough displacement and cylinder count. kinda like the old 5.0 in the fox body compared to the one in the new mustang, nothing is shared.

Aug 26 2017

Understanding this also helps you appreciate the genius of the MR2 and fiero. they took existing fwd economy car motor/trans set ups and moved them to the back of the the car, and used existing economy car front suspension/steering set-ups too, (the fiero and chevette have the same front design).

Aug 26 2017

Im not super familiar with those particular motors but general principles-

motors where the cylinders run front to back (ranger) are called longitudinal, they run length wise. this is mostly front-rear stuff, like the ranger. motors that run the width of the car are transverse. this is mostly fwd stuff.

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Aug 25 2017

That could work. Although I think there could be a 5 second grace period once it locks so you could make it to the “finish line” as it were. If you died once it locked and the blue line was already ahead of you and moving faster than you, you’d already be dead no matter what and there’d be no reason to make it, but in Read more

Aug 24 2017

You mean to tell me you don’t read everything in May’s voice? It can’t just be me...

Aug 23 2017

Part of the fun is doing a burnout in a csr no one expects.

Aug 22 2017

Even if I could, my dealer wouldn’t let me. Besides, we were all broke at the time. Thanks, Obama.

Aug 18 2017

My father-in-law worked in that industry at the time these were around. I remember him saying that they were a nightmare and required constant maintenance. Iirc it was something about excessive vibration that seemed to due them in.

Aug 17 2017

thought the exact same thing, was wondering if someone else noticed