If you want to improve your life, there are a lot of clever little tricks you can use called “life hacks” to fix problems. Some are great! Some are very, very bad. These are the worst hacks that either don’t work, waste your time, or cause more problems than they solve. Read more

A time limit is not a bad idea. The SBNation/Vox Media comment system has this, and while it’s probably a little TOO short (60 seconds), you only see people editing for spelling errors. Read more

Additional things to have are: a fully stocked first aid kit (the ready made ones you can get at Target are for shit, btw, get the real ones that include supplies in case somebody has an actual injury that’s not fixed with a bandaid), emergency tents, emergency blankets (made of mylar to keep you warm), fire starter, Read more

You are correct in principle, but in the real world, its your kids that are going to have to pay the consequences for your decisions. My parents decided to do the egalitarian thing and give my sister and me hyphenated last names, because you know... feminism and shit. And I think that was a very fair thing! Read more