vdub_nut: scooter snob
8:32 PM

The Aichi prefectural police in the Chubu region of Japan have arrested eight people for selling 87 plastic covers originating from China but marked with the Brembo logo. Read more

9:44 AM

Maybe he wants to buy the car? I’m pretty sure if you had done something to piss the guy off, leaving a phone number would be the LAST thing he would do. Read more

10:39 AM

Got hit with the mega flu, tot he point where I had to order powerade and dayquil multiple times. Could barely get to the front door to open it. So not literally saved, but figuratively. Read more

9:45 PM

Yeah, that’s why I’m leaning towards the SV altogether. The only trails I’d ride are at the other end of that 90 minute ride (or equidistant to the north), so if anything I’d get a dedicated trail bike and just dump it at a friends house (or split it with them like a timeshare). I know “looks” shouldn’t be a primary Read more

10:35 PM

Oh, it’s gotta be able to cruise at 70-75 for an hour and a half,or I’d have picked up a 250 dirt-ish-bike already. My scooter can already go nearly as fast (top and/or cruising speed)as a 250 single because of gearing and revs

8:23 PM

Definitely looking at one for my first shifty-bike. Despite being mid-displacement, people seem to still recommend them for novice riders (plus I’ve been on pedal bikes my whole life and riding a scooter for a while now).

11:28 PM

You know what’s more maddening than that park job? The way she unloaded that cart ONE BAG AT A TIME, which was like 9 feet from her car in the first place. Poetic justice making her climb in the other side though.