Dec 4 2015

this makes me so mad. The local sheriffs office released a message yesterday saying that if you have a concealed weapons permit you’re urged to carry so that you can be a good guy with a gun. WTF?!?! Read more

Nov 24 2015

So I’m going to the doctor next week but I have some weird shit going on! It started Saturday in my legs and feet where it feels like my skin and feet have been set on fire. Not when I’m sitting, only when I walk or something rubs my legs. It turned into a throbbing pain for a little bit in my torn acl knee then went Read more

Oct 24 2015

I woke up at 430 am or so thinking I heard gunshots. I thought I was crazy, because I live in the middle of NOWHERE and it’s so safe. Nope! I wake up again at 10, make coffee, and hear more gunshots and sirens. I hear cops on loudspeakers. There is a standoff between a gun nut and the cops on the street over from me! Read more