Apr 19 2016

Now I extra-miss Pushing Daisies! It was so much adorkable.

Apr 19 2016

Maybe geeks don't need a reminder, but general audiences coming off the prequels probably did.

Apr 3 2016

I’ve been waiting for a straight adaptation of this story since 1989...and its being done by the best Batman team ever assembled. Read more

Mar 23 2016

On the Gawker sites, anything DC is inherently bad unless it’s a TV show. But those TV shows are nothing compared to Marvel shows, which have nothing on Dr Who. Dr Who is the default standard of greatness in TV. The MCU is the default standard of greatness in movies and will never be held to any sort of standard like Read more

Mar 3 2016

If Batman was a libertarian he’d be charging the citizens of Gotham to protect them.

Feb 19 2016

Holy crap!!! I just finished Foucault’s Pendulum after recently learning about this man and his work (literally returned it to the library yesterday). Was also inspired to concurrently watch the film adaptation of The Name of the Rose starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater (based on reading a lot of people’s Read more

Feb 17 2016

Wan, basement-dwelling, 5'4" keyboard ‘experts’: Just learn to make your damn free throws, already, Big Men. It’s the easiest shot in the game. Practice, hard work, bootstraps... Read more

Feb 10 2016

Ignore Kobe’s sex advice and go 0 for 3. Take Kobe’s sex advice and go 0 for 16.