Johnny Utah
May 21 2018

Unless it’s obvious that there will be a collision, I just keep merging into the right lane. I really love it when the person that was behind them gets beside them before they can get back into the left lane.

May 21 2018

I have to do’s completely irrelevant to this thread or you comment

May 6 2018

Purchased for $3 in a used bookstore outside of Ithaca, NY, about 25 years ago (complete with “damp damage”). This was my best car-related purchased ever, as it convinced me that restoring a Bugeye was well beyond my mechanical ability.

Feb 13 2018

I find that problematic. It would make his “Blackness” the most important part of Spawn’s heroic characterization.

Jan 5 2018

This is commentary/feature writing, not news reporting. In which case the writer is presenting an argument for a certain point of view, rather than reporting on what has happened. Read more

Jan 4 2018

Oh good, because with that attitude about criticism you never make it very far as a writer. OR, you can take another look at your work and ask yourself if I have a point.

Nov 19 2017

How do we go about submitting stuff for this? I’ve tried in the past but it seems like a lot of e-mail traffic just doesn’t make it through, even tagged on facebook, lol.

Done by a friend of mine:

Sep 19 2017

I can vouch for this car. Its a little under-powered but, as the old saying goes, “there’s nothing better than driving a slow car fast”... sold mine for 1800 6 years ago, worst decision ever.

Aug 12 2017

Right up there is black protesters looting minority owned businesses to protest police brutality from police force that’s mostly black. Ignorance has no race.