Jerry Wiegert's Hair Helmet - Deceased
Today 10:26AM

Before reading about it, I always thought the branding meant “Mission Win Now” and the arrow was a way for Ferrari higher ups to point the way the car was supposed to go (not sideways and into barriers, Charles).

Today 9:53AM

Yeah, this smacks of a shop seeing a winfall - mechanic’s version of a lottery win. Read more

Yesterday 10:13AM

This is a trick question.  Watching a race and being at a race are different events.

Saturday 10:57AM

Meanwhile in the SCCA, I saw some dude turning tricks behind the timing trailer to get some sticker Yokohama A052s.

Thursday 7:42PM

Ground control to Major Wong... Ground control to Major Wong... When you eat your egg roll, put some soy sauce on...”

Thursday 7:40PM

Power and Dixon ARE old. They’re older than Fernando Alonso, who’s been struggling to keep up with a midlevel talent (by F1 standards) like Ocon this year. Read more

Thursday 2:31PM

To this day I doubt I could prevent Kate Pierson from doing terrible, terrible things to me.

Thursday 1:08PM

The tragically underreported statistic of Taco Bell Drive Thru Collisions falls under the jurisdiction of the Border Patrol, so we’ll never know the truth. #AllChalupasMatter

Thursday 5:16AM

We also like to joke that we ourselves should surrender to Swedes. They have way more attractive heads of state.

Thursday 1:31AM

Which part? I mean driving is mandatory and essential part of the daily life, then it should be handled well and made sure all participants know what they do. It doesn’t need to be expensive, it needs to be comprehensive. Read more

Wednesday 8:30PM

There are ‘experts’ who can verify essentially any braindead opinion offered anywhere in the world – take it from Sidney Powell and the Trump legal team. Doesn’t make the point any more legitimate or any less knee-jerk.

Wednesday 6:19PM

Didn’t read the article, but I’m assuming copyright infringement filed by representatives for Easter Island?