SirDrivesAlot (now with hybrid powerrrr)
12:56 AM

Miss Kitty is also demanding much lap time. Had to leave her in the care of a pet sitter while I was away taking care of family issues (father in laws funeral) She has been very vocal about her displeasure.

8:01 PM

I will be in Ohio the 2nd half of the week ( visiting the wife's fam)- will have to see what gas prices are like there. CA gas prices are still less than those in Europe...🙂

10:36 PM

I voted for the gas tax because it was to only be used to catch up all of the deferred maintenance on our roads. I believed their promises that the money would not be used on other transportation projects. More fool me, then.

3:05 PM

Rescue dogs & kitties are the best dogs & kitties. We adopted Miss Kitty from ARF (the non-profit Tony LaRussa & his wife set up when he was the coach for the Oakland A’s). If my wife was not already volunteering with the non-profit I work for (SHELTER, Inc.) , she would be volunteering there.